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Practical information

Maison de l’Etambeau
Route du Mont 39
1660 Château-d’Oex

Open : Tuesday to Sunday
2pm to 5pm
Monday closed

Adults: CHF 6.-
Unemployed/Pensioners/Students: CHF 5.-
Children (aged 6 to 16): CHF 2.-

Carte Museum of Old Pays-d’Enhaut

This summer, the Maison de l’Etambeau is pleased to present an exhibition and sale on an emblematic animal of the region: the cow. You will be able to discover how it feeds, what it produces, its environment and the traditions that highlight it.
You will have the opportunity to admire the work of many artists and craftsmen inspired by this animal. Games, costumes, and contest are planned for both young and old from 2 to 102 years old as well as films and cheese tasting.
We also have a boutique with books, games, treats, gift ideas and crafts.


  • Jacqueline Roulet
  • Claude Cuanillon
  • Florian Benoît
  • Willy Lang
  • Stéphanie Turrian
  • Isabelle Richoz
  • Pierre Turrian
  • Les ateliers 32 (Fondation Cogest’ems)

Pearl of the Alpine Pastures

The maison de l’Etivaz stores in its cellars the famous cheese “Etivaz” known as the “Pearl of the Alpine Pastures.” Everyone will have the opportunity to taste this delicious cheese during their visit to the Maison de l’Etambeau.

L’Etivaz PDO

The Etivaz PDO is a hard cheese made in alpine pastures, crafted traditionally between May 10th and October 10th using unpasteurized milk. Over 3000 cows grazing in around 130 pastures located between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level provide rich and flowery milk each day, which is exclusively heated over wood fires in copper cauldrons. The aging process awakens the rich and powerful aromas from the diverse bouquet of herbs that the cows have grazed on.

August 1st (Swiss national day)

Fondue tasting • Various entertainments • Surprises • Presence of artists and craftsmen • …
Special schedule 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM