Contemporary Cuttings

The museum also houses the Swiss Paper Cutting Association’s collection, which includes nearly 600 cuttings and a library. The museum’s new rooms highlight a range of contemporary works, as well as other more traditional ones. This group of artists provides a comprehensive overview of this age-old art, on that is well-anchored in the valley.

This unique collection highlights the traditional art of paper cutting in Switzerland and around the world, a technique that has been practiced for centuries. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a passionate individual, or simply curious to explore a unique form of artistic expression, this exhibition promises you an immersive and enriching experience.

You will discover a diverse and refined array of patterns, enchanting landscapes, and cultural symbols.

Each exhibited piece bears witness to the talent and creativity of the artists. Immerse yourself in the magical world of paper cutting and be amazed by the beauty and complexity of these artistic treasures.

Monique Boillat

Ueli Hofer