La Maison de l’Étambeau

Musée du Pays-d'Enhaut & Centre Suisse du Papier Découpé

The “Maison de l’Etambeau”, now owned by the Commune of Château-d’Œx, has been entrusted to the Pays-d’Enhaut Museum, which has fully restored it.

Located at the edge of the village on the Route du Mont, this 17th century residence is of great interest: it is one of the few houses in the valley that has not been modernized. It still has its old kitchen with a hearth and open fireplace, as well as its wood-panelled bedrooms and large cheese cellar. The basement was used to age the cheeses made in three alpine pastures located between 1150 and 1650 meters above sea level, which were also owned by l’Etambeau.

The farmer resided there in winter and went to his mountain pastures at the beginning of summer, where he grazed his herd, moving around as the grasslands matured.

A visit to the building gives a good idea of how farmers lived during the last century. It’s worth a detour!

Each summer, La Maison de l’Etambeau converts the premises to temporary exhibition rooms. These house a large number of exhibitions highlighting the crafts, culture and traditions prevailing in the region.