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Bling-Bling – Papercutting

DIE ZEIT | N°12 | March 16th 2023

The paper cutting artist Corinne Karnstädt at the Musée du Pays-d’Enhaut.

Corinne Karnstädt is part of a new generation of paper cutting artists from the Pays-d’Enhaut region in the canton of Vaud, near Château-d’Oex. “I take on traditional themes, but I create my paper cuttings in a very feminine way,” she tells photographer Julien Chavaillaz. “For example, I hide a bra in each of my creations.” And she also likes to decorate some of her works with Swarovski crystals: “They give my paper cuttings a bling-bling style,” says the 51-year-old artist.