“In the heart of nature”

Ursula Astner

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You will be driven into the heart of nature with these bright and harmonious colors. Especially with the birds, represented in a very realistic way, will send you back to the beauty and fragility of this world.

Ursula Astner

In 1977, Ursula Astner presented her first paper cuttings to the public in Bern. From 1981, she devoted herself entirely to this art and numerous exhibitions followed in Switzerland.

Faithful to the master J.-J. Hauswirth, she brings, new elements in her paper cuttings over the time. The rural scenes and climbs to the alpine pastures are followed by increasingly colorful cuttings and collages. Also faithful to the Pays-d’Enhaut, she exhibited permanently at the Allegri Gallery in Flendruz from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.

In 2007, Ursula Astner discovered a book containing exceptional unicorn illustrations. We therefore witness a turning point in the choice of her themes: her works richly decorated with flowers and ornaments tinged with Persian and Chinese symbols, she also has added animals, birds of all species and, of course, the unicorn.

Today, her compositions make us discover a delicate animal world with bright and harmonious colours. Birds are represented in a very realistic way, they remind us of the beauty and fragility of this world.

Originally from Bern, Ursula Astner shares her time between the Bernese Jura and southern Spain.