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Muriel Jeanmonod, a self-taught artist from the Val d’Anniviers, finds her passion in paper cutting.

After exploring video, graphic design, and photography, her professional journey in graphic design enriched her artistic approach. A skiing injury introduced her to traditional papercutting techniques, which she later modernized by developing her own style based on her photographs. Her creative process involves selecting and editing photos in Photoshop, followed by meticulous hand-cutting. Each cut is a moment of concentration and relaxation for her, where she deeply connects with her art, creating unique works that reinvent paper cutting.


Christophe Bertschy, a recognized and talented artist, unveils a new facet of his art: Posters on Canvas and Giant PixelArt.

These Giant PixelArt pictures are created with cut paper from luxury magazines or food packaging. From pop culture to reimagined traditional Poya, he uses paper cuttings in a unique way. The juxtaposition of clippings from different sources brings an interesting density and texture.

All the papers used have been saved from destruction, highlighting his eco-responsible commitment. By using recycled materials, he emphasizes the importance of sustainability in contemporary art, transforming everyday objects into impressive works. His pictures pay homage to popular culture and digital art, merging the past and present, traditional techniques, and new technologies.

This exhibition harmoniously complements selected works from the collection of the Swiss Association of Papercutting, showcasing a diverse range of artists.