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The Pays-d’Enhaut region is home to an impressive number of athletes.

This was already the case in the time of our ancestors, who often had physically demanding jobs. They were courageous because, in addition to their work, they diligently trained in the magnificent Pays-d’Enhaut region, a rejuvenating and motivating place. Unbeknownst to them, they had a competitive spirit and were, in a way, athletes of nature!

Whether it was the lumberjack, the carpenter, the postman who made his deliveries on foot, or the farmer who had been mowing all day, each of them would engage in their sport once their hard labor was done. Chopping wood, milking cows, making wooden shingles… and training in the evenings and on Sundays – it required courage and perseverance!

It was ingrained in their DNA, and that is still the case today. The current generation of our athletes has inherited all these wonderful genes.

Thus, our region boasts a tremendous number of exceptional athletes.

Practical information

Maison de l’Etambeau
Route du Mont 39
1660 Château-d’Oex

Open : Tuesday to Sundy
2pm to 5pm
Monday closed

Adults: CHF 6.-
Unemployed/Pensioners/Students: CHF 5.-
Children (aged 6 to 16): CHF 2.-